We are an ad agency for the medical community.  We employ modern day marketing techniques that meet the needs of doctors' technologically proficient patient base.  We work closely with the doctor to develop their brand, as a result, their future earning potential.

Marc Klasfeld

Founder and CEO Marc Klasfeld is a well known music video and commercial director/photographer.  He started helping his brother, Dr. Joel Klasfeld DDS, and his dental practice, Rockefeller Dental.  In no short time, he revamped Rockefeller Dental’s entire image - a new website, new photos, patient testimonials, videos, you tube influencers celebrity endorsements and much more.  It was the success of this collaboration that gave Marc the idea to start Patiently and offer his services to other doctors.

Derek Helm

Derek Helm is an accomplished digital marketer with experience working in the medical field. He began his career in digital marketing back in college, promoting a popular music website on Facebook. While earning his degree in Business, he recognized the potential impact digital marketing could have on small businesses, and applied this philosophy to his father's dental practice in Beverly Hills, helping the business double their revenue over the next few years. Derek and Marc share the vision of helping other doctors achieve this success with Patiently.

web services

It all starts with a great website.  Patients can look at a website and make an instant gut decision whether they trust the doctor or not.  Patients are used to sites like nike.com, bmw.com, cnn.com and more - beautifully designed websites that speak to elegance and trust.  We use our design experience to match the high quality of the best, at a fraction of the cost.



Simply looking at a doctor's photo can instill trust, or speak to fear.  Have your photo taken like a celebrity, in the best lighting under the eye of a high level photographer.

Before & Afters

Before & After photos are often the selling point for cosmetic doctors' services. We have worked with numerous doctors to implement photographic systems that are both efficient and consistent in showing their work in the best light.


Patients are brand ambassadors.  Referrals are a main source of business.  Enlist help from your best patients to trumpet your message across forums and social media.  Loyal patients that you've helped will always go to bat for you.  And of course, this speaks volumes to prospective patients.



Creating videos that show exactly what you do, take away any fear and educate patients on what to expect.  With some simple training, you can make the most effective viral videos on the web.

Additional Services

• Forum Ambassadors
• Mystery Shopping
• Google & Facebook Ad
• Campaigns
• Contests
• Print Advertising
• Email Campaigns
• Much More…

Forum ambassadors, SEO, Mystery shopping, Contests and much much more. Successful marketing is an ongoing process. You can't just sit down one day a say, "I think I'll try a newspaper ad for a week and see what happens." This makes advertising an expense. Marketing and advertising must be directed at a goal or series of goals. "I want to increase my client base by 10% this year."  Your advertising campaign is geared to achieving these goals by sending the right message to the right people in the right media.